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Ultimate Pickleball Eyewear


See Better, Dink Better

Your eyes are the windows to...your fast hands! With Brioti, track the ball better with premium optics designed for Pickleball, and hold the line confidently knowing your eyes are protected.




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"The Colors Pop Better..." The KewCast feat. Brioti

"The Colors Pop Better..." The KewCast feat. Brioti

Watch KewCast Episode 18 (link opens at 38:35 timestamp, Brioti review) "You can really focus in on a ball," says co-host Eddie Kang, referring to Brioti's OGMENT lens technology in KewCast Episode...

Picklefest '24 Featured Image

Picklefest ‘24 Recap & Spokane Pickle Boom

Pickleball is exploding in the Inland Northwest?! Who knew…(almost everyone). Truth be told, it’s becoming rare to meet anyone who hasn’t at least tried Pickleball once, and even more so to meet so...