FOCOS Quick Start

Welcome to the BRIOTI family. We're excited to enhance your on-court performance, protection and style, and appreciate you trusting us with your eyes. Below you'll find information to make your FOCOS experience top-notch.

How To:

Lens Care

Keeping your lenses clean and scratch free will greatly improve your FOCOS user experience. Our lenses are scratch resistant, and the exterior of the lens has an especially strong hard coat. Let's go over a few things to increase the longevity of your lenses.


1. First, remove any visible debris that could scratch your lenses.

2. Use your authentic BRIOTI microfiber cloth to gently wipe your lenses.

3. For stubborn grease, you can use BRIOTI Pickle Juice™ lens cleaner or water to assist in the cleaning process.

WARNING: Do not clean your lenses with alcohol or paper products as they can adversely affect your premium lens coatings.


When you're done pickling your opponents for the day, keep your FOCOS eyewear and lenses safe by utilizing your BRIOTI case. It's designed specifically for your FOCOS, and will keep your eyewear in tip-top shape, even when it's thrown into your Pickleball bag.

Have Questions?

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