Level-up your game with the Brioti INVISI suit.

Up until now, Brioti has helped pickleballers see the ball better in comfort with protective, color-boosting eyewear made for the game...but why stop there?

Don't just see the ball better...don't let your opponents see the ball AT ALL with your new INVISI Suit! Worry less about placement, focus more on erratic speed-ups that are impossible to counter with Brioti's ball cloaking technology.

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Color: Vulcan Pro Green

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We don't sponsor that guy...

But Seriously

We're obsessed with enhancing your on-court vision...

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The Brioti Difference

Introducing FOCOS


Easily vent and interchange your lenses with our unique, integrated XPAND™ technology.

OGMENT™ lenses feature color boosting technology made for Pickleball. Beyond a mere lens tint, OGMENT™ manipulates the visual light spectrum to boost specific colors, heighten detail and contrast, and make the ball “Pop” so it’s easier to track. Similar to turning up the treble and bass in your car to make your music sound better, OGMENT™ tunes light by filtering out muddy transition colors between red, green and blue wavelength crossovers, creating a clearer visual experience.


We package your eyewear to order, letting you choose the frame and lens/es best suited to your Pickleball needs.

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When it comes to Pickleball, performance isn't everything. Our eyes are a powerful yet delicate tool, and keeping them safe is imperative for longevity in the sport. With FOCOS, Hold The Line confidently knowing your eyewear is rated Z87+, meeting stringent high-velocity and high-mass impact requirements.